12 Plus Size Bike Short Options for the Summer

With summer right around the corner, it’s a great time to get out on a bike and take advantage of the varying terrain where you live. Flats and hills naturally provide opportunities to work your body at varying efforts ( RPE 11 - 16 or if using Target Heart Rate training: endurance, strength and interval) without having to artificially re-create them on an indoor bike machine.

So, I thought it would be fun to share with you some great bike short options for cycling comfortably, while looking like the bad-ass athlete you are transforming into.   When I’m wearing my cycling shorts, I feel like a super hero because there is something so empowering as using your energy to create power for moving forward.   And the environmentalist in you, will appreciate that there is no carbon footprint.

While the basic black short is standard in cycling, choose something that fits your body, personality and budget.  When you feel good, you are more likely to fully commit to the experience, be in the moment and truly focus on what you are out there to accomplish.  And remember to lock down in advance,  what kind of bike ride you are doing before you head out, so it becomes programmed into your mind.  You’ll be less like to waiver and quit when faced with challenges.

So to get you cycling in style, here are some options from my favourite stores  where I regularly shop - Team Estrogen, Terry Bicycles, Aero Tech Designs and JunoActive.


When choosing bike shorts, look for ones that are:

  • compression shorts because they provide better support for your muscles
  • dry-wicking to keep the sweat and moisture away
  • seamless or have smooth, flat seems to reduce chafing and saddle sores

Special Tip: some shorts fit higher/lower on the waistline from front to back, so when trying them on, test them by moving your body into your bike position, to notice how much the waist drops on your back to ensure you are comfortable with that rise.  SheBeest is available up to 3XL,  Sheila Moon and Terry Bicycles bike shorts are available up to 4XL and Aero Tech Designs is available up to 5XL.

Photo credit: Sheila Moon, SheBeest, Team Estrogen, Aero Tech Designs and Terry Bicycles


If you prefer a more feminine touch or like the look of a skirt, you may prefer a skort which combines a bike short/capri still with padding to protect your bits, but layered with a skirt on top.  Terry Bicycles offers a flare skirt in a pretty purple paisley or go for something more bright and daring such as the “Handlebar Tape”, shown below.  Terry Flare Skorts  are available up to 3XL, and the Canari Chic Skort Plus is available up to a 5XL.

Photo credit: Terry Bicycles and Team Estrogen (Canari)

Padded Bike Liners and More

If you’re looking for greater flexibility, you may want a padded cycling liner. These special shorts can be worn under your favourite pair of non-padded shorts or help turn your a sporty dress into the ultimate athletic wear for riding.  JunoActive shorts come in a variety of colours up to 5XL, Terry Bicycle’s black liner and wrapper are available up to 4XL, as is AeroTech’s padded underwear.

Photo credit: Juno Active, Terry Bicycles and Aero Tech Designs

Get out there and ride and enjoy the summer.

It's a power move.

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  1. Elayne June 7, 2015 at 8:11 am #

    I am “oversized” yet too & I found I like the exact same bike apparel appealed to me as a cyclist. These are great places to satisfy your yearn for clothing with flair yet really does the job. Thank you for your blog & I’ll make sure to check in with you often!

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