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Unleash Your Inner Athlete

According to Webster’s dictionary, an athlete is a person who is trained in exercises, sports or games requiring physical strength, agility or stamina. What I love about this definition is that it doesn’t come with judgement, comparison against others or require you to be the best, the way we typically think of Olympic athletes.  Regardless of […]

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Plus size women running in triathlon race

Welcome to Born to Reign Athletics

Welcome to Born to Reign Athletics.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what this place is all about. I created this website because I wanted a place where plus size women can learn, share and support one another in being healthy through an athletic lifestyle.  We’ve all been over exposed to media messages that negatively […]

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Plus size woman participating in a Tough Mudder race

It’s a Power Move

Why did I choose the tagline “It’s a power move”? It’s because I believe that we are given opportunities every day to make choices that are healthy for our mind and body - whether it’s how we think, how we physically become stronger, how we fuel our body and also take care of it with proper rest. The decision to see ourselves differently […]

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Dumbbells in a row, in a gym

How to Embrace The Gym As a Plus Size Woman

During the work week, I love training at the gym because it’s convenient and works with my schedule.   But when I talk to other plus size women who are interested in improving their fitness, or taking on a new athletic challenge, there’s a lot of resistance to joining a gym.  You can definitely use […]

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Word cloud in the shape of the bike for the acronym SMART

How to Action Fitness Goals

I once lived my life based on weight loss goals.  It was mentally exhausting as it felt like a part-time job with negative stress.  It wasn’t fun. As part of my transformation, I learned how to set fitness goals that are based on healthy behaviours like following my training schedule, rather than the number on […]

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Plus size woman athlete with coach, getting ready to race a triathlon

How to Find Your Ideal Personal Trainer

I’ve had a few different fitness mentors in my life and I’ve learned something from each one of them.  From how to do the perfect squat, how to get comfortable being uncomfortable and re-framing my goals and objectives regarding health and athletic performance.   I think it’s important to always be learning and growing, so […]

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Plus size women holding tree yoga pose at Addition Elle sponsored class

Addition Elle Moves Into Wellness

On Sunday April 13, 2014, Yoga for Round Bodies and Addition Elle teamed up to host a free in-store yoga class, a national event as part of A&E’s customer appreciation weekend and to promote it’s new athletic clothing line, NOLA. I’m currently expanding my health regime to include yoga so I definitely wanted to participate  […]

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Plus size athlete volunteering at T2 for Ironman Lake Placid

Top 5 Lessons I Learned From Volunteering

Over the years, I’ve attended many races to watch and support my friends achieve an important athletic goal.  A few years ago, I decided to try something a little different that raised my level of consciousness and appreciation for my mind, body and community. I drove up to Lake Placid, New York to volunteer and […]

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