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February’s Plus Size Athlete - Carin, Runner & Triathlete

Meet Carin, a 36-year old athlete, wife and mom from Melbourne, Australia.  Her guilty pleasure, running. Strapping on her Garmin Forerunner 10 with P!nk screaming in her ear is what gets her going and is her favourite way to spend alone time. She’s been living the athletic life for 5 years now and it’s been quite a journey.  In addition […]

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How to Start Running Your OWN Race

I remember my first Triathlon like it was yesterday. I was so emotional walking my bike down to transition that I had to keep my riding glasses on, so no one could see I was crying. I had worked and trained so hard for this moment and I was in the process of fulfilling a […]

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Anatomy of a Plus Size Athlete

2015 has kicked off with a big bang.  It truly is becoming the Year of the Plus Size Athlete, as it seems that every week, there is something positive in mainstream media showcasing the rise of the plus size athlete.  In February alone, I’ve seen 6 pieces including a Huffington Post article which featured 7 tips from global plus size experts (including myself and […]

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5 Ways to Love Your Inner Athlete on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, trying switching up things up a bit and give yourself some extra self love (you can still give love to family, friends, pets etc).  Feed your inner athlete with new self-indulging opportunities that can raise your self confidence, self awareness, knowledge, skill level or style.  It’s not always about chocolate and flowers. Here are 5 Valentine’s gifts […]

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