5 Ways to Love Your Inner Athlete on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, trying switching up things up a bit and give yourself some extra self love (you can still give love to family, friends, pets etc).  Feed your inner athlete with new self-indulging opportunities that can raise your self confidence, self awareness, knowledge, skill level or style.  It’s not always about chocolate and flowers.

Here are 5 Valentine’s gifts I think are perfect for any athlete:

1. Virtual Training - growing and learning is what keeps us vibrant. So considering treating yourself to some Skype training sessions to learn new techniques or broaden your philoposphy about training, nutrition etc.  More personal trainers, nutritionists and wellness coaches are offering virtual services to reach people globally and share their speciality.   Whether you only have 1 session or many, it’s a great opportunity to connect with leaders in the field.

Who offers this type of service:

Tiina Veer of Yoga for Round Bodies

Louise Green, The Body Exchange

Photo credit: Amazon

2. Training Books & Programs - for those who prefer to create their training program, without help from someone else it’s hard to keep things fresh and feel challenged.  You don’t need to be an expert in every activity and sport, because it’s easy to adapt interval workouts from one sport to the next.  I find swimming and rowing workouts offer a great base of combinations. Whether you get workout ideas from books, sign up for a personalized swim program (based on your ability) or leverage existing free programs (Concept 2 Rowing provides daily workouts), you’re bound to increase some variety in your workouts.

Here’s how a swim workout can work 4 others ways, plus probably more. Get creative.

3. New Athletic Gear - I’m a firm believer that you need to dress like an athlete to feel and perform like an athlete.  If you’re still wearing anything that is 100% cotton, you are cheating yourself of feeling cool (temperature wise) and being able to go the distance. It’s easy to quit at the slightest discomfort and that includes sticky, sweaty clothes. Set yourself up for success.  Plus, have you seen the hot new colours and patterns coming out in true performance wear from Katie K Active, Lane Bryant and Additional Elle?  And remember, Katie K Active shoppers can get a 15% discount when you use promo code BORNTOREIGN15.

4. Bike Shelf - if you love to cycle and have limited storage, consider turning your athletic

Photo credit: The Knife & Saw

passion into wall art. Created by Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw, back in 2010, available in 2 sizes and made out of walnut or hickory, this shelf brings “elegant bike management” to a whole new level.

5.Transition Bags - I don’t think there is any other sport out there that has more gadgets and toys, than triathlon.  While there are definitely some core pieces you need to do the sport, there is one piece of equipment that I have always loved and think everyone should have, the Transition Bag.  It’s not just for triathletes.  Transition bags  are best known for carrying all your gear to a race, but smaller versions exist for training purposes.  I’ve always owned a Zoot, but other brands include BlueSeventy, Speedo and Tyr.  What makes they special are the multi-compartments they have to keep things separate. Compared to a typical duffle gym bag or knapsack, a Transition Bag can keep your valuables, nutrition, wet gear (swimsuits or wet suits), running shoes and athletic wear  all separate to make it easy to find, access and dry.


Have a great Valentine’s Day.  Let me know how you self indulge.

It's a power move.

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