Be Your Own ‘Chubby’ Super Hero

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As I read this article “Guardians of The Galaxy director had to be sold on ‘chubby’ Chris Pratt“,  it reminded me of the time I auditioned to be the Personal Trainer for a new health/fitness Canadian reality TV show.  I actually think it was probably a weight loss show like X-Weighted, if anyone remembers that one.   I wish I had pictures from the day, but that was pre-Facebook and Twitter, and the need to photograph everything wasn’t required :)

I heard about the opportunity from my Fitness Director at Totum, where I was teaching spinning classes, and she was supportive in encouraging me to apply.  While I didn’t look like the typical Spin Instructor/Personal Trainer, I liked, and still do, enjoy challenging the media and the fitness industry in general, around plus size fitness stereotypes.  I’m not on the offensive 24/7, as I just want to enjoy life, but when opportunities like this come up, I jump at the chance.   Sorta of like the upcoming Can Fit Pro Conference next week - it’s an amazing opportunity to be in front of leaders within the fitness industry and talk about the need for a body positive fitness revolution.

When I walked into the room, the casting director was very respectful in giving me time to explain my story and demonstrate what I bring to the table, even though inside I know it was probably a long shot.

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When I was creating Born to Reign Athletics, I was asked “if you could be any super hero, who would it be“.  My answer: Wonder Woman.  Why?  The image I have of her carries from when I was kid and watched Lynda Carter play her on TV. I don’t think I appreciated my critical thinking skills back then, but what I liked was that she looked different than everyone else on TV:  tall, brunette, had curves and was strong and powerful.  I felt different from everyone else, so it was easy to relate to this character. Plus it was easy to make a Wonder Woman crown and cuffs out of tin foil.  Come on, who didn’t do that?

Side story :  I was at a Fitness Trade show and was visiting Cycle Chic’s booth.  They had these cool bright pink bracelets.  They gave me one and I asked for an extra because I wanted to look like Wonder Woman (seriously, this was probably only 4 years ago). They broke it to me that they are actually cycling cuffs for your ankle, to keep your pants protected when cycling.  LOL.  I told you my fascination with Wonder Woman ran deep.

Fast forward to present day and when I wear my triathlon/cycling shorts.  I feel like a super hero.  It’s my uniform, and when I wear it I feel strong and powerful.  That feeling comes from the fond memories of different athletic accomplishments.  One of my favourites being the time I passed a guy on the bike in a triathlon race (his race started 10 minutes before mine).  And he was from my gym. Oh ya!

Here’s my point.  It’s great to have coaches, mentors and personal trainers to help you along the way.  We all need that.  But at the end of the day, I want everyone to be their own ‘chubby’ super hero and be able to tap into their inner strength and make the best healthy choice they can at each opportunity.  Get more sleep.  Make your breakfast because you know what’s in it (that one is for me, I’ve been a bit lazy), schedule your workouts.  I know I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard before.  But the difference is you do it for you, no one else. Be your best friend, love yourself and look up to yourself by being your own super hero.

It's a power move.

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