Podcast Episode 10: Building Body Confidence with Sophia Apostol

Photo credit: Sophia Apostol

Have you ever said “no” to joining in on a social activity or even trying a new sport because you felt self conscious of your size?  In our latest Plus Performance podcast episode, we chat with Sophia Apostol, a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach about body confidence and how a lack of it prevents us from fully participating in life.

Sophia shares with us why she became a Life Coach dedicated to helping curvy women live their most amazing life; how to identify if you lack body confidence, because sometimes we are so use to the critical voices in our head, we may not even recognize them anymore; how to deal with self-judgment; judgment from strangers and loved ones; the small steps we can take to shut down the negativity; set boundaries in conversations, all for the benefit of building our body confidence so we can ‘grab life by the love handles‘.

Credit: Body Confidence Model from SophiaApostol.com

Sophia has also created 2 free gifts for everyone: 3 Secrets to Stop Self Judgement and a 9-min body love visualization/meditation.  Get them here.

You can connect with Sophia on her website or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Register for her online webinar Body Confidence Essentials

Key takeaways:

[01:13] - Why Sophia became a Life Coach

[6:04] -  The Benefits of getting support and hitting ‘rock bottom’

[16:40] - The Connection Movie - mind body medicine

[19:30] - Body Confidence Model

[20:08] - Self identify lack of body confidence = too much or not enough

[23:32] - Steps people can take to build body confidence

[28:22] - Two activities that turn self judgement off: gratitude & curiosity

[31:45] - Managing judgement from others

[41:51] - Two (2) Free Gifts: 3 Secrets to Stop Self Judgement (includes more detail about curiosity) and a 9-min body love visualization/meditation

[43:00] - How to work with Sophia

Listen to “PP 10: Building Body Confidence with Sophia Apostol” on Spreaker.

About the Author:

Krista is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics, a website dedicated to motivating, educating and celebrating plus size women who unleash their inner athlete as a means of living a healthy life.  She is an award-winning multi-sport athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing, and is recognized as a global leader in plus size fitness and athletics.

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  1. Katie Bray July 27, 2017 at 9:57 pm #

    Great episode!!

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