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5 Ways to Love Your Inner Athlete on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, trying switching up things up a bit and give yourself some extra self love (you can still give love to family, friends, pets etc).  Feed your inner athlete with new self-indulging opportunities that can raise your self confidence, self awareness, knowledge, skill level or style.  It’s not always about chocolate and flowers. Here are 5 Valentine’s gifts […]

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A Mindful Approach to Training - Part 2

2015 is in full swing and I can sense there is a great deal of EPIC in the air - a good sign that there have been some pretty amazing and ambitious goals set for this year! From aiming to increase your race distance or your training load, or simply biting the bullet and starting a sport you have […]

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Katie K Active Review & Virtual 5km

Last month I wrote a blog article called ” 7 Brands that Sponsor Plus Size Athletes” and it was extremely popular. Thank you all for sharing it in your networks. In researching for that article, I learned more about Katie K Active and their Virtual 5km race, and decided to sign up.  The SWAG was definitely a factor, I love […]

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Plus size athlete Allison Duran competing in Kettlebells

December’s Featured Plus Size Athlete - Ali, Kettlebell Competitor

We received great feedback on our November plus size athletes, that I’m sure you’ll love Decembers just as much.  Meet Ali, a 36 year old kettlebell competitor in Naples, Florida. Ali began training with kettlebells and a RKC certified trainer in 2009 and started competing nationally, last year under coach Ken Blackburn.  We talked with Ali to find how how […]

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Plus size woman doing yoga

Top 5 Inspiring Plus Size Athletes on Instagram

I recently got on Instragram.  What can I say, I was stuck on a Blackberry and finally moved over to the iPhone. Hold your applause, please. As I searched for like-minded individuals to follow, I started noticing that on a daily basis, I looked forward to seeing the latest workout pics from some specific women.  They motivate me because […]

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