Legs of a plus size athlete cycling in a race.


Born to Reign™ Athletics is about unleashing your inner strength and celebrating your power to reign over your life, your body and your spirit in a healthy way.  Created by Krista Henderson and inspired by her own experiences, Born to Reign Athletics provides information, tools and resources dedicated to motivating, educating and celebrating plus size athletes.

Born to Reign Athletics believes that:Plus size woman athlete existing the swim in a triathlon race

  • Inside every woman is an athlete, waiting at the starting line.
  • Everyone has a different finish line.
  • That right now is the perfect time to start. No matter what.
  • Your inner spark will ignite a fire.
  • You are a force of nature.
  • That falling down allows us to rise up.

About Krista Henderson

Krista Henderson is a 5-time award-winning, plus size athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing.   She began her athletic career in when her Fitness Director recommended she “train like an athlete”, in response to her commitment of living an active and healthy lifestyle. This advice dramatically shifted Krista away from the diet and exercise mentality, where she constantly felt the need to “fix” herself by solely focusing on losing weight. This fresh new approach set Krista on a path of changing the way she lived which resulted in becoming happier and healthier.

Train like an athlete


As part of her personal journey, Krista earned her certification as a Johnny G Spin Instructor and Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer, taught spin classes and shared her knowledge by coaching women of all varying shapes, sizes and abilities. She has competed in a variety of races from triathlon, duathlon, half marathon, open water swimming and indoor rowing .Through this journey, Krista has learned some key lessons and is now on a mission to share them and inspire other plus size women, to live a healthy life by tapping into their inner athlete. The foundation of the athletic lifestyle is rooted in properly fueling your body, working out with a purpose and getting plenty of rest.