Born to Reign Athletics Media PicsKrista Henderson is a leader in plus size athletics and has been covered across the globe sharing her thoughts and expertise with the media, while also consulting collaborating with brands to inspire plus size women to unleash their inner athlete.

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I am so glad I found your blog and Facebook page. Thank you for busting myths and stereotypes!- Leigh-Anne D.

Because of you and your FB page, I have dug up the courage to join a Tri Club and do a try a tri.  Had never thought of doing one because of my size and having to wear the onsie or the snug shirt.  Thank you for your inspiration. - Norma G.

You are truly an inspiration! I always thought I was an athletic person stuck in a fat persons body. Now I’m just an athlete! Thanks for helping me see that! - Gwyn P.

Hi! Just found your blog though the Huffington Post article and I am SOO excited to read through it! I’ve only just seen the most recent post and I’m already so amazed/buzzed/inspired! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for being a role model for active plus-size people. I am training to run my first half-marathon on October and am grateful to have found inspiration like you! THANK YOU!!!  - Judy D.

From a chubby with a like for running who is CONSTANTLY being told not run because she is too big - thank you! For making me feel less like a disability case and more like a healthy person 🙂 running is the only thing that keeps me moving 🙂 - Emma H.