Triathlon Race Day eBook

Ready to do your first triathlon?  Then you should download the FREE  The Beginner’s Race Day Guide to Triathlon, written by Krista Henderson.

There are lot of books, websites and forums out there you can explore but they primarily focus on training.  Krista wrote this book based on her years of racing triathlon and has compiled this experience along with other race day tips from triathletes and coaches, into one ebook to help you through race day jitters.

I read this book before I did my first race, and it was so helpful.  You’re nervous as it is going into race, so the book helped me prepare and take the worrisome out of knowing what to expect in my first race.

- Ginny V. Toronto, ON


Here are 15 things you’ll learn:

The Beginner's Race Day Guide to Triathlon cover

  1. How to prepare the night before a race
  2. What goes in your transition bag
  3. When to arrive at your race
  4. The registration and body marking process
  5. How to set up your transition zone areas
  6. Rules of racing triathlon
  7. How to line up for the swim
  8. what to do in T1
  9. Strategies for the bike
  10. What happens in T2
  11. Getting through the run
  12. Mental preparation strategies
  13. A listing and review of the top triathlon gear for men, women and plus size figures
  14. A race day checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything
  15. Key triathlon terminology