About Krista Henderson

Triathlon - RunKrista is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics.  She is a 5-time award-winning, plus size athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing. She began her athletic career in 2004 when her Fitness Director recommended she “train like an athlete”, in response to her commitment of living an active and healthy lifestyle. This advice dramatically shifted Krista away from the diet and exercise mentality, where she constantly felt the need to “fix” herself by solely focusing on losing weight. This fresh new approach set Krista on a path of changing the way she lived which resulted in becoming happier and healthier. She is now on a mission to help other plus size women, unleash their inner athlete.  Krista is recognized as a global leader in plus size fitness and athletics.

About Leah Gilbert

Leah Gilbert, plus size athlete

Leah is a an Endurance Athlete from Newcastle, Australia. She is a also mum to a daughter and son, named Sachi and Ravi.

Leah trains under instruction from her coach Rod Cook, of TriNova Multisport and is also a Specialist Fitness Instructor, using her background in psychology to work with clients who require a ‘big picture’ approach to their fitness. Leah also runs a beginner triathlon program for TriNova, and is part of 2XU Australia’s Elite Sponsorship Program as a result of her efforts to encourage others to pursue their fitness dreams fearlessly and without concern of being judged.

Leah is the Founder of ‘Body Positive Athletes‘, that includes a network of athletes, trainers and coaches who work to promote positive body image in a variety of sporting environments and encourages a functional focus on the body rather than aesthetics. She is also the Founder of Athena Multisport Magazine

About Peggy Hughes

Plus size cyclist

Peggy is a grandmother who currently resides in Arizona, U.S.  In October of 2008 she decided that she finally had enough of smelling like a cigarette and decided to quit, giving up a three pack a day habit and picked up a cruiser bike from a department store.  This is where her adventures in cycling first began.

Her cruiser took her on many 20 mile rides along the Central Arizona Canal Path to work and home and eventually she fell in love with cycling. Encouraged by a friend, Peggy tried into trail riding and quickly realized that mountain biking was her sport.  Next she met Cindy Lacotta from Giant Bicycles and began competing in local MBAA Race Series in Arizona.

About Terri Frew


Terri Frew is a Canadian expatriate living with her husband Kevin and son Alistair in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.  Her athletic background extends back to childhood where she played hockey, then moved into soccer playing in a recreational league at Concordia University, followed by earning a brown belt in Chito Ryu Karate in 2013.  She is currently a roller derby member of the Keweenaw Roller Girls in Hancock, Michigan.

About Marie Sawa

born-to-reign-athletics-hockey-marie-sawa-profile-imageMarie Sawa lives in Toronto with her husband Scott and dog Jag. She has been an athlete since her dad put her on skis before she could walk. She grew up Highland dancing, skiing, and playing soccer, ringette and hockey. At university she tended net for the University of Waterloo soccer team. She currently plays wing for the Leaside Wildcats senior women’s hockey team and substitutes on various ringette teams.