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January’s Featured Plus Size Athlete - Jill, Runner & Personal Trainer

Life does not play out in one linear path, it comes with ups and downs and lots of curves (pun intended) and hopefully along the way, we learn lessons that allow us to make changes to improve and enjoy our life even more.   No one knows this more than Jill, our featured plus size athlete for January. Since she started running […]

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Plus size woman preparing health food

How Tracking Time, Not Food, Works For Me

This past week I had an “aha” moment, or maybe it’s more of a deja vu, in remembering some tools that I’ve used in the past, to keep me on track. I love eating healthy food. I love the feeling of being alert, having lots of energy, thinking clearly, being more creative and my ego loves […]

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Plus size athlete participating in an open water swim race

What’s your starting line?

You get to choose which starting line you are preparing for.  It can be BIG like an open water swim race, or there can be mini starting lines each day, like fuelling your body so you can swim afterwork.  Whatever you define as your starting line, remember that you deserve to be there standing shoulder-to-shoulder with […]

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