Podcast Episode 12: The Power & Pitfalls of Fitspo with Dr. Kate Browne

Photo credit: Dr. Kate Browne

Fitspiration, or as more commonly hash tagged on social media as #fitspo, has been around for years, long before the Internet arrived. It has taken on many formats from paper based vision boards, motivational posters and within the digital world now as memes and other graphical artwork. At its core, fitspo is comprised of imagery paired up with text to motivate someone to exercise and be healthy. Yet the intention and context of the message can vary from being truly inspiring to humorous to fat-shaming.

In this latest Plus Performance podcast episode, we talk with Dr. Kate Brown on the power and pitfalls of using fitness inspiration to support your athletic journey, and alternative forms to feel inspired beyond pictures and words.

Note: we had some technical difficulties so you may hear a slight difference in a couple spots but overall it’s still clear. 

Key Take Aways:

[1:40] - growing up with diet culture

[4:10] - how society told Kate, what was off limits for her, for being fat

[5:32] - the beginning of Kate’s transformation into an athlete

[10:52] - how Kate stepped back and re-examined her thought that “all fitspo is bad”

One of Kate’s favourite humorous memes.

[18:14] - Kate’s high standards for fitspo artwork to maximize positive impact

[26:05] - the different kinds of fitspo: music, nature and people (i.e. coaches etc)

[31:32] - the pitfalls of fitness inspiration and what to watch out for in your consumption habits

[37:39] - receive body confidence support through the Self Love Squad

Kate’s Ted Talk “How I Found Real Fitness Inspiration

Canva.com - free online software program for making your own fitspo artwork

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About the Author:

Krista is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics, a website dedicated to motivating, educating and celebrating plus size women who unleash their inner athlete as a means of living a healthy life.  She is an award-winning multi-sport athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing, and is recognized as a global leader in plus size fitness and athletics.







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