Podcast Episode 11: Swim Vacations with Courtenay Verret

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Have you ever felt bored or burnt out from participating in your sport? Sometimes we need a change to re-energize our athletic spirit.  Maybe you need to try something completely different.  Or if you’ve been racing a lot, perhaps it’s a switch from a less competitive environment or vice versa.  Trying something completely new can bring new energy, re-connect us to our body and how it moves and expose us to new and exciting experiences.

In this Plus Performance podcast episode, we talk with Courtenay Verret about the joy of  swim vacations. Courtenay comes from a competitive swim background, but for various reasons, she stepped away.  While she had participated in triathlon, booking a European swim vacation was the catalyst to return to the pool, and to “train” for 2 open water swims, from a whole new perspective.

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Key Takeaways:

1:15 - Courtenay’s competitive swimming background, “it was my mother’s fault”

5:17 - The demise on her love of swimming

8:09 - Returning to swimming, inspired by a European swim vacation

10:19 - Swimming in France (which was an actual race) and Slovenia

26:10 - Martin Strel’s swimming documentary in the Amazon, “Big River Man

30:2- What to consider when booking a swim vacation

35:21 - Advice on beginning your plus size athletic journey


Courtenay’s Favourites:

Chlorine Hair Remover - Swim Spray

Inflatable Sport Kayak - Sea Eagle SE 370


Swim / Fitness Vacations:

Swim Trek

Martin Strel Swimming Adventures

Body Exchange - Tofino Surfing Retreat and Tulum, Mexico Health & Wellness Retreat


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About the Author:

Krista is the Founder of Born to Reign Athletics, a website dedicated to motivating, educating and celebrating plus size women who unleash their inner athlete as a means of living a healthy life.  She is an award-winning multi-sport athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing, and is recognized as a global leader in plus size fitness and athletics.


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