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Invest in Yourself with Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

This time of the year has the most amazing sales so here’s an opportunity to invest in yourself with new athletic wear, electronic gadgets and more, in your journey towards your athletic goals.  I’ve also include some additional commentary about elements, a specific brand may be known for (some of it is from personal experience). […]

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9 Words That Will Change Your Mental Game - Part 1

Before I start my first post, I would like to say how honoured I am to be contributing to this amazing site that celebrates the physical diversity of athleticism and encourages people of all shapes and sizes to give credit to their athletic lifestyles and abilities. I am looking forward to covering a great range […]

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Leah Gilbert, plus size athlete

Introducing a New Team Member

I’m so excited to announce that we have a new member joining the Born to Reign Athletics team, Leah Gilbert.  You may remember Leah from a previous post “7 Brands That Sponsor Plus Size Athletes” where she shared her story of how she got sponsored in triathlon.     While we share the same values and […]

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10 Reasons to Join my Virtual 5km Team

Some people get a thrill from shopping. Me? I get a thrill from signing up for an event or race. Katie K Active’s Virtual 5K registration has been extended and I’ve signed up. Here are 10 reasons to sign up and join my team ‘Born to Reign Athletics’: You can do it any day of […]

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Plus size woman preparing health food

How Tracking Time, Not Food, Works For Me

This past week I had an “aha” moment, or maybe it’s more of a deja vu, in remembering some tools that I’ve used in the past, to keep me on track. I love eating healthy food. I love the feeling of being alert, having lots of energy, thinking clearly, being more creative and my ego loves […]

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